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#167 How to Get Your Spouse on Board -- Plus Why You Need a 'Breaking Point'

January 18, 2022

#167 How to Get Your Spouse on Board -- Plus Why You Need a 'Breaking Point'
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Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode Greg and I are answering some often asked questions about how to get your spouse on board.

This could be getting them on board with your big dreams and goals, or simply on board with the process of growing and improving. There’s nothing worse than starting to learn, grow, and develop as a person but then to feel that your spouse is getting left behind or, even worse, creating their own self-sabotage.

One question we received said,

As I’ve focused hard on self-improvement over the last 18 months, and not seen my wife doing much to try to improve with me, it has been hard not to judge her and become frustrated with her.

That has been especially true with our parenting. It’s extremely painful to observe her parenting and I’m trying to think of what might be affecting her parenting negatively.”

We’ll discuss several approaches than can be used to help make tricky situations like this one easier. 

We’ll also explain what a ‘breaking point’ is and why every marriage needs to face one — or several of them.

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Why settle for a a good or okay marriage when you can have an extraordinary one?

Marriage isn’t static. It’s constantly in a state of flux. So if you’re not actively working on growing closer in your marriage then by default you’re working on your divorce. You can’t afford to spend even one day working on your divorce, so if you’re not already being proactive it’s time to make a change.

Many of us believe that if our spouse would change then your marriage would be better. But the truth is you can’t wait around for you spouse to change. It is within your power to improve your marriage — even if your spouse won’t change.

That’s the good news — it only takes ONE person to ‘be the tide’ and make a difference in your marriage. And that person is YOU.

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