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#174 Marriage Q&A: Intellectual Conversations, Over-Helping, & Why This Sexpert is WRONG

April 12, 2022

#174 Marriage Q&A: Intellectual Conversations, Over-Helping, & Why This Sexpert is WRONG
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We regularly receive questions from parents and spouses on all sorts of topics — and we love it! If you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can leave a voice message for us on our podcast page, or you can email us

Recently we received some questions about marriage — specifically how to have more engaging conversations and intellectual connections with your spouse as opposed to discussing the mundane life logistics all the time?

Along those lines, how do you ‘accept’ your spouse for where they are on their growth journey — while still encouraging and helping them to do better, to make an effort, and to be interested and interesting?

Connected to this — which we explain in this episode — is how to make more time for sexual connection, especially when you’re trying to go to bed early so you can start your day with a morning routine? And how do we (Greg and I) make time for sex multiple times per week?!

We also get fired up about how a well-known sexpert is just WRONG about sex and how it IS a need -- for men (and women) and marriage in general.

Finally, we answer a question about how to help a spouse who’s lost a job — without OVER helping so you become a nuisance and they feel disrespected or demoralized.

You won’t want to miss this great Q&A session!

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