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#177 Analyzing (& Laughing About) Our Big 5 Personality Test Scores

May 03, 2022

#177 Analyzing (& Laughing About) Our Big 5 Personality Test Scores
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Understanding YOURSELF and the other human beings around you is one of the trickiest and most complex aspects of life and relationships —

Your personality begins to form from conception, in the womb, and as you grow as a child. You don’t start to become aware of this until much later in life (and some people never gain awareness of who they are and what makes them do the things they do.)

For a long time, Greg and I were not fans of personality tests — until Jordan Peterson’s Big 5 Personality Test. They felt too confining and victimizing, labeling you as a certain color or number. They weren’t holistic. Human beings are more complex than that. This personality test is different and has been peer-reviewed and works across cultures.

Greg and I analyze our personal levels of Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Openness to Experience. There’s a lot of laughing at ourselves through this process. :D

In this episode, we walk through (and psychoanalyze) our personal results on the Big 5 Personality test — in order to help you understand how these play out in yourself, your relationship, and in your parenting.

We also give a quick answer to a question we received regarding sex and conversation — the cycle of intimacy — after this spouse listened to Episode #174 Marriage Q&A. We address falling in and out of love, major reasons for divorce, and deepening the intimacy in your relationship by making deposits instead of just withdrawals. We also cover why your wife cries and wants to talk while you just listen because she needs a mental and emotional outlet. A woman wants her man to be someone who will listen to her. Without this emotional vulnerability, she will never be able to open up sexually.

Stick by the woman when she ugly cries and she will love you even more. :D

This is a very insightful and informational episode that will give you the vocabulary and words you need to articulate what is happening in your marriage and life.

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