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#183 Seeing BEYOND Roe Vs. Wade, Gun Control, & Other 'Surface Tensions'

June 28, 2022

#183 Seeing BEYOND Roe Vs. Wade, Gun Control, & Other 'Surface Tensions'
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There is a lot of ‘surface tension’ in the media today -- social and mainstream. Lots of polarity and opposition about intense topics.

And it bothers me. Because it paints the picture that there are only two sides to any issue. And that’s just not true.

We (as individuals and society) have to look beyond the ‘surface tension’ of topics to the underlying problems and underlying causes of those problems.

There is so little we know — we as a society, (and especially ‘we’ as in Greg & Rachel). But we do know that “as the area of your knowledge increases, so too does the perimeter of your ignorance.”

To have more peace in society — and to find more real, lasting solutions — we have to learn to look past what we THINK we know to what we might not know that could be true.

In this episode, we walk through the process of learning to look BEYOND the ’symptoms’ to the root causes of the disease in society that plague us.

We discuss the problems with a ‘symptom management’ based focus on issues — not only political and societal but familial as well.

And we cover some potential solutions that are psychologically, scientifically, and religiously supported.

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