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#188 Your Current Habits Will Make or Break Your Life Happiness & Success

August 16, 2022

#188 Your Current Habits Will Make or Break Your Life Happiness & Success
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Greg often says, Tell me your habits and I’ll tell you your future.”

Habits are the MOST important thing to determining the outcomes and happiness of your life.

Habits will make or break your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical, family, and financial life.

Where you are right now — and the quality and happiness of your life — is a DIRECT result of the habits you have had to this point.

Where you want to go, who you want to become, and what you want to do, will be the DIRECT result of the habits you cultivate or break today.

And yet, this is something that is not even taught to children, teens, or young adults anytime during their school years. It is something that few adults even understand.

Instead, we’re taught to sacrifice our habits — or to develop bad habits — in the name of grades, tests, or graduation.

This is a major contributing factor to the mental health and obesity crises we’re seeing in the world today.

This is despite the research that shows there is NO correlation between academic success and life happiness and success.

Let’s change that. Listen now to learn what the habits are for a successful life and how to develop and cultivate them intentionally in your own life and that of your children.

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