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#194 The Hero's Journey -- Leave the Ordinary World Behind and Live a Great Story

September 27, 2022

#194 The Hero's Journey -- Leave the Ordinary World Behind and Live a Great Story
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Every great story, movie, or book contains elements of what’s been called the ‘Hero’s Journey’— a series of events and experiences that makes the story meaningful and transformational. It’s the process by which the hero-to-be becomes the hero of the story.

The interesting thing is that the same elements which make a great story also make a great life. YOU can become the hero of your own life by living and following the ‘Hero’s Journey’. When you do, you finally get out of the bleachers and into the arena of truly living. This starts by stepping from the ‘Ordinary World’ into the ‘Unknown’.

But HOW do you do that? And HOW do you do it if you have children and a family? Doesn’t that prevent you from becoming the ‘hero’ of your life story simply because you have other people to be responsible for?

That’s what we dive into in this episode. Listen now for specific strategies for living and creating a ‘great life story’ by becoming the hero of your own life as you live and grow and ‘level up’ in each area of importance -- mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical, and financial.

If you’ve ever felt a ‘call’ to do something different or bigger than what you’re doing now then don’t miss this inspiring episode and learn how to accept the call, leave the ‘Ordinary World’ and step into the ‘Unknown’.