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#197 How to Not Let Your Children’s Moods Affect You (Grumpy & Otherwise)

October 18, 2022

#197 How to Not Let Your Children’s Moods Affect You (Grumpy & Otherwise)
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We’ve all had the experience of being around someone who’s grumpy — even our spouse or children — and then soon we’re feeling grumpy as well.

A mother of multiple children recently asked us,

“When the people around me (aka my children) are grumpy, negative, or ‘down’, how do I not let that affect me?”

Negative emotions and grumpiness are inevitable and a normal part of life.

But when those around you are moody or grumpy, how do you keep that from bringing you ‘down’ as well?

Is it possible to stay happy or positive in such cases? And if so, HOW?

And is it possible to positively influence those around you so that they can better process their negative emotions and return more quickly to a positive state?

With deliberate intention and focus it IS possible to become the ‘rising tide that lifts all boats’.

YOU can become a great force for good in your family and develop the skill of maintaining positivity —

not fake, masked happiness, but true, appropriate positive emotion that becomes a stabilizing force in your most important relationships.

This episode is very real and relevant to anyone who has to interact regularly with people who aren’t always happy.

Which is especially needed if you’re married or have children (or plan to one day).

Make sure to listen until the end where we discuss:

“How do you want your children to remember you emotionally?”

“What kind of person do your children see you as?”

“What emotional memory will they have of you?”

We discuss all this and more in this practical discussion between parents of 7 children with 20 years of experience.

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