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#206 Inspire, Not Require... Sounds Ideal, But Does it Actually Work?

January 17, 2023

#206 Inspire, Not Require... Sounds Ideal, But Does it Actually Work?
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Welcome to the podcast! We’re coming to you from Warsaw, Poland. Our kids are on the other side of town in an Airbnb and we’re spending the weekend at a luxury hotel to celebrate Greg’s 45th birthday.

(Please excuse any sounds of the city such as sirens, etc.)

There is a philosophy in parenting and education (perhaps started by TJED) that states ‘Inspire, Not Require’.

The idea is that instead of requiring your children or students to do things — chores, reading, studies, being kind — youinspirethem to do it through your actions and example.

But does that mean that there is NEVER a time to require anything? 

As one mom put it, 

“While I love the idea of inspiring and think it is the best way in the end, does it mean that there is no room for requirements? Do we not need to set boundaries and expectations (is that similar to requirements) for our youth? If not, what do you do in the meantime when you aren't so great at inspiring?

And if there is a need for both, how do you navigate that field (especially if you are really good at the requiring part)?

This is what we expound on in this episode. We discuss inspiration as a force in your life and the lives of your children to move you to action.

We explain how to feed the fire of inspiration in your family life so that you can take the action required to do the things you want and need to do to create the life you dream of and to become the people you want to become.

Proper inspiration invites your children to decide for themselves to do the work they need to reach their dreams. It’s intrinsic instead extrinsic — and it will carry into their adult life.

But we also explain when and how requiring is needed. We share specific strategies for setting boundaries, expectations, and how to go about ‘requiring’ things in the right way instead of through punishments, manipulation, discipline, or harshness.

If you want your children to be guided by an inner knowing that motivates them to proper action, now and when they grow up, then listen to this episode now.


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