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#214 Where We've Been and How We've Made it Extra Special -- Celebrating 22 Years of Marriage

March 14, 2023

#214 Where We've Been and How We've Made it Extra Special -- Celebrating 22 Years of Marriage
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Every year on our birthdays and anniversaries we love to reminisce and ask ourselves, "Where were we celebrating last year? I wonder where we'll be next year?"

Last year we celebrated in Portugal while we were scouting out the country to see if it could be a place we wanted to make a permanent home base. (We did a podcast episode about it because it was so serendipitous.) We could have never guessed then that this year we would be celebrating 22 years together in Turkey on the Aegean Sea!

In this episode, we reminisce about the 15 different countries we've celebrated our anniversaries, as well as discuss the principles and strategies we've used to celebrate our marriage -- because your marriage SHOULD be celebrated as often as possible. It's worth doing something 'big', momentous, or festive on special days to make them memorable. 

If you haven't done this as part of your marriage then it's time to make a change. Yes, we get it. It's not just about the one special day of the year. Every week you should be dating and every day you should be connecting. But you should also make your anniversary something extra special.

Listen to this episode to be inspired on WHY and how to level up your yearly 'honeymoon' trips with your spouse to celebrate your marriage and to reconnect as a man and woman in love.

If you feel like you can't do this because you can't afford it or can't leave your kids or ________, then you MUST listen to this episode now.

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