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#219 How to Get Your Kids to Do _________ (Homework, Chores, the 'Right' Thing) WITHOUT the Battle

April 18, 2023

#219 How to Get Your Kids to Do _________ (Homework, Chores, the 'Right' Thing) WITHOUT the Battle
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We received a great question from a mom which we answer in today’s episode.

Just a reminder — we love receiving questions. Feel free to ask us anything by visiting where you can leave us a voice or text message.

This mom asked:

“I have a 13-year-old daughter. She gets homework from coop  &every week it’s a battle. I remind her about her assignment- she says yes, I know… andgets mad at meevery time I bring it up but then eitherdoesn’t do it or is up late the night before it’s due. Wisdom - please!!!!”

This is a challenge that all of us have faced — likely more than once — as parents. And it’s something that can be extremely irritating and draining — mentally and emotionally.

So how can we reduce the battles, not just around homework, but chores and anything else our kids 'should' do — and ultimately, help our children to WANT to do the things they’re ‘supposed’ to do?

Because that’s the IDEAL — not just that our kids do what we ask them to, but that theylearn to do things on their own because they WANT to do it. 

If this is something you’ve ever struggled with as a parent — and wondered if there was a better way — then listen to this episode now.


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