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#222 How Sugar Contributes to Disease & How to Give it Up FOR GOOD

May 10, 2023

#222 How Sugar Contributes to Disease & How to Give it Up FOR GOOD
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As part of the 28-Day Challenge we ask participants to choose one food to give up.

Some choose sugar. But it’s not always easy to give it up. As one mom said:

“…the sweet tooth got the best of me.  I don’t drink soda and haven’t had a donut in two years; those our out.  I don’t eat things with corn syrup, and I mostly use olive and coconut oils. 

But every time I decide, no more sugar, I can almostfeel my brain go into panic mode.  And it’s like a wave of dessert ideas comes in and the ability to resist seems impaired. I want to lose weight, but it feels like Mount Everest is in front of me.  If “the obstacle is the way”, I am not sure how to proceed here. 

I know that eventually I get mad enough and then I am strong enough to resist sugar for a good few months.  But I want to make it the lasting change and TRAIN my brain to love NOT getting the sugar fix.”

If you’ve ever felt the desire to improve your overall health and well-being and lose weight by eliminating sugar and replacing it with healthier alternatives — but feel your willpower is lacking then listen to this podcast (because willpower WILL not do the job -- you need better strategies).

If you’re currently not aware of the HUGE negative impact that refined sugar is having on the insulin/glucose process in your body which is contributing to all major diseases — heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, dementia, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. then you MUST listen to this episode now!

In it, we’ll provide specific tips, strategies, and tactics we have used to help ourselves and our clients eliminate refined sugars from our diet — for good.


Become a calmer, more patient, joyful, and HEALTHIER mom in the next 28 days with my 28-Day Challenge.

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