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#5 This Selfish Habit Destroys Your Relationships

January 29, 2019

#5 This Selfish Habit Destroys Your Relationships
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[0:38] We need to cherish our relationships and the people that mean so much to us.

[0:49] Do we sometimes take them for granted? Get too comfortable?

[1:16] Bad memory of an act of selfishness.

[3:57] Now he has the understanding and vision of being more respectful and honor his brother and his dreams and wishes.

[4:08] What would your relationships be like if your capacity to love was more than it is right now and you showed it?

[4:48] Our life is all about relationships.

[5:18] We can’t wait around waiting for other people to change, we have to do what we can do. We can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves.

[5:40] Jot down things that you can do with each of your important relationships to improve those relationships.

[6:33] Prove your love with your actions.

[7:47] Let’s create relationships that we can celebrate and be grateful for.

[8:13] We have to start with loving ourselves first, healthy self-love, it will make it easier for people to love us.

[8:47] Then we can build special relationships and start to love those around us.

[8:58] As our love grows, it can extend out to strangers.

[9:58] If Greg could go back and do life over, he would be the young man that reaches out and befriends the old Greg.

[10:47] We can’t change the past, we can only learn from it and change and become that kind of person.

[11:15] On a mission to be the very best self.

[11:56] If you are struggling, you can’t help others. You have to be in a good place.

[13:07] In every role you are in, ask yourself “what will the people around you think of you and remember about you in that role?” Spouse, teens, coworkers, friends, what will they remember?

[13:54] We want to be remembered as someone who is striving to be a good person and treated other people with deep respect and love.

[14:06] Little things done consistently and well make a big difference.

[14:41] Do inventory and make the changes so that you can give your whole self to the people around you that love you.

[15:05] Invest in yourself, invest in your relationships.

[15:26] We prove our priorities with our actions, we prove our love with our actions and words.

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