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#69 How To Start Your Days With Power

November 11, 2019

#69 How To Start Your Days With Power
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The best way to have a productive day is to start it with Power! This principle applies to anyone and everyone, night owl or morning person, beginning your day off with a good start determines the success of your day.

How to start your morning with power:

1. Don't give in to the voices in your head!

"I'll just press snooze once" or "I'm just going to rest for a second" are both tricks of the mind that'll hook you into giving up what could have been a great morning! The key to defeating this is to make your decision the night before! When you hear that alarm hop up and be true to your intention.

2. Get up and move your body!

Some like to start with a workout, for others, it’s good to just stretch to get the body going. What you do with your body affects what you do with your mind. Get some water into your system, a big glass will help you get some energy. Getting into a healthy sleep routine is another big factor in helping you get up in the morning - to replenish. This habit will help you get good rest in and maximize your energy throughout the whole day.

3. Working on yourself is key to also helping others around you.

When you are a better version of yourself, you also become a better parent and spouse. Starting your day with power, forming that habit of working hard in the morning, will help you towards almost any goal you choose to make.

Make every single day great, after all, its what life is made of. Get the full training on how I have structured my morning routines and rituals for over 20 years. This has been the MAJOR determining factor in totally transforming my life. It's called How to Totally Transform Your Life... Before Breakfast.

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