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The Rewards (& Risks) of Pursuing a Life of Comfort & Luxury

November 01, 2022

The Rewards (& Risks) of Pursuing a Life of Comfort & Luxury
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I remember the first time I realized that humanity’s desire for luxury was actually a driving force for improving the world.

Previous to that I often felt that wanting luxury and comfort was wrong or bad… perhaps from generations of Puritanism passed down through religion and culture?

But as I lay in the comfort of a luxurious hotel room feeling perfectly at home, I finally understood that this desire was a positive thing.

Without (a woman’s?) desire for indoor plumbing, a comfy bed, and the ease of flipping a switch to produce light or heat, we probably wouldn’t be enjoying all of these luxuries right now as a society.

It is our innate drive for comfort (aka luxury) that drives human progress.

Yet with every strength there is an inherit weakness.

There is a downside to pursuing comfort and luxury at the expense of all else. And it results in becoming ‘soft & squishy’ and unable to face the challenges ahead of us.

Does that mean we give up our lives of comfort?

Perhaps for some.

But for all of us, it means that we intentionally add ‘pressure’ to our lives in a way that strengthens our mental, emotional, and physical muscles allowing us to ‘keep our edge’ and to prepare for hard times (which are coming).

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