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#192 EVERYTHING In Life Gets Easier & Smoother When You Can COMMUNICATE Better. Here's How to Do It

Sept. 13, 2022

Can we start with a ‘slap’ in the face? In all sincerity, most of us suck at communicating with other people, especially in our family relationships. Plus, ‘communication’ seems like such a vague or broad topic. What exactly…

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#190 Unconditional Love is NOT the Highest Form of Love; Deep, Meaningful Love is CONDITIONAL

Aug. 30, 2022

Many of us have been taught or grown to believe that unconditional love is the highest of virtues. And in many ways it makes sense. Loving others — without conditions — seems to be the highest level of love possible , partly…

Extraordinary Marriage

#174 Marriage Q&A: Intellectual Conversations, Over-Helping, & Why This Sexpert is WRONG

April 12, 2022

We regularly receive questions from parents and spouses on all sorts of topics — and we love it! If you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can leave a voice message for us on our podcast page, or you can em…

Extraordinary Marriage

#167 How to Get Your Spouse on Board -- Plus Why You Need a 'Breaking Point'

Jan. 18, 2022

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode Greg and I are answering some often asked questions about how to get your spouse on board . This could be getting them on board with your big dreams and goals , or simply on board…

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#152 Your Money & Your Marriage

July 16, 2021

What are good beliefs and practices around money in your marriage? What if one spouse brings in the income and the other stays home, who should be in charge of how it’s spent? Does the non-income earning spouse have any say …

Extraordinary Marriage Extraordinary Lifestyle

#151 What husbands NEED to know about their wives

July 9, 2021

Many marriages are merely okay, or even slowly dying simply because men are inadvertently neglecting their wives. Gentlemen, you’re living far below your privileges in your marriage. Inadvertent negligence is costing you t…

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#150 The Sex-quel. Follow up sex episode with Rachel Denning

June 16, 2021

Is sex ever a source of frustration, confusion, or contention in your marriage? It definitely was for us early in our marriage. Most of it came because we didn’t understand each other, or ourselves for that matter, and we …

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#148 What Wives Need to Know about Husbands' (Sex Drive) and What Men Need to Understand about Themselves

June 3, 2021

"Just because you've been with yourself for your entire life, doesn't mean you understand yourself." This is true about your spouse too. Just because you've been married to them for ___ years, doesn't mean you understand the…

Extraordinary Marriage

#116 Why Good Marriages Fail and What to Do to Protect Yours!

June 11, 2020

A very well-known couple with a seemingly good marriage recently announced their divorce publicly. It was a shock to a lot of people including me. But I get to do coaching for a couples every week and I know what’s often goi…

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#95 What it means to be a REAL man

March 5, 2020

With so many misconceptions about what it means to be a man, and so many men living far below the standard, we all need to put forth the greatest effort to help boys and men be real men! "At each moment in man's life, he is …

Extraordinary Marriage

#81 An extraordinary marriage is a matter of choice, not chance

Dec. 29, 2019

Many people sit around hoping their marriage will get better, wishing things will change. But transforming your marriage will happen by choice, not by chance! You have far more power to improve your marriage than you think y…

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#80 The BEST Thing You Can Do For Those You Love

Dec. 25, 2019

I love giving gifts and doing things for the people I love most of my life! I’m sure you do too. We spend a lot of time and effort thinking about gifts that we can give and about ways we can serve the people we love. But we …

Extraordinary Marriage Extraordinary Parenting

#78 Putting Family First ... For Real

Dec. 15, 2019

We often say that our family is the most important thing in our lives, but we don’t always show it. The reality is that we prove our priorities with our actions. I want to invite and challenge all of us to put our families f…

Extraordinary Marriage Extraordinary Parenting

#70 How to Build or Rebuild Trust

Nov. 14, 2019

Trust is one of the most important things in all of our relationships and therefore in every part of our lives. We work with people and in order to work well with people whether in family or in business we have to trust. We …

Extraordinary Marriage

#15 Choose your love and love your choice

Feb. 14, 2019

Greg and Rachel met in college, you could say Greg was struck at first sight. Growing up Greg didn't have a lot examples of what a good marriage should look like, or if it was even possible. In his late teens he was terri…