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Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#82 BEWARE of These Pirates & Hijackers That Rob Your Focus, Freedom, & Joy

Dec. 30, 2019

Many of us are being attacked by pirates and hijackers on a daily basis! They are subtle and cunning. They rob us of our focus in our freedom and our potential. We end up living in perpetual self sabotage and slavery because…

Extraordinary Marriage

#81 An extraordinary marriage is a matter of choice, not chance

Dec. 29, 2019

Many people sit around hoping their marriage will get better, wishing things will change. But transforming your marriage will happen by choice, not by chance! You have far more power to improve your marriage than you think y…

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#80 The BEST Thing You Can Do For Those You Love

Dec. 25, 2019

I love giving gifts and doing things for the people I love most of my life! I’m sure you do too. We spend a lot of time and effort thinking about gifts that we can give and about ways we can serve the people we love. But we …

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#79 The Truth is... You’re Afraid

Dec. 21, 2019

Is fear holding you back? Do you find yourself burdened or even consumed by fear, worry, doubt? It’s easy to slip into a dark negative space we were constantly afraid of what might happen or what others might think. We get a…

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#78 Putting Family First ... For Real

Dec. 15, 2019

We often say that our family is the most important thing in our lives, but we don’t always show it. The reality is that we prove our priorities with our actions. I want to invite and challenge all of us to put our families f…

Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#77 The ‘I Don’t Know’ Syndrome

Dec. 11, 2019

Have you ever used ‘I don’t know’ as a way to escape answering a tough question? If you have, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common answers to challenging questions. But more often than not it’s just an escape. It’s …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#76 Are You Actually Doing What MUST Be Done?

Dec. 9, 2019

I blew it. 10 years ago I wrote down in my journal the thing I knew I needed to do. But I didn’t do it. I had good reasons a.k.a. excuses. I told myself stories to justify and to rationalize why I couldn’t get it done. But t…

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#75 How to Get Into The BEST Health of Your Life And Stay There

Dec. 5, 2019

Your body is your vehicle for life. Therefore much of the quality and outcome of your life will be determined by the condition of your vehicle. The more you care for your body the more you will get out of life! It’s totally …

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#74 Seven People You Need To Have In Your Life

Dec. 4, 2019

We all need to have certain people our life, especially if we want to live an extraordinary family life! There are 7 people that we ideally want to have in our lives. 1. A friend 2. A partner 3. A dependent 4. Someone to ser…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#73 Living With The Power of Gratitude

Dec. 2, 2019

Gratitude is one of the most motivating forces in the world! When we are deeply grateful we take action. When we have gratitude for our bodies we take care of them better. When we have gratitude for our spouses we cherish th…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#72 How to Deal With Hurtful Words and Difficult Interactions

Nov. 24, 2019

Whether it’s with your family or your friends or your coworkers, it can be hard to interact with other human beings. Sometimes it’s especially hard when you get together for family gatherings. And what do you do with the pai…

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#71 Never Settle For Less Than Your Best

Nov. 18, 2019

Do you ever feel like you’re settling for less than you could be? Have you ever felt like you’re on a plateau just coasting to get through life? It’s actually easy to settle for less than our best. But the cost of that choic…

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#70 How to Build or Rebuild Trust

Nov. 14, 2019

Trust is one of the most important things in all of our relationships and therefore in every part of our lives. We work with people and in order to work well with people whether in family or in business we have to trust. We …

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#69 How To Start Your Days With Power

Nov. 11, 2019

The best way to have a productive day is to start it with Power! This principle applies to anyone and everyone, night owl or morning person, beginning your day off with a good start determines the success of your day. How to…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#68 Ambition and Balance

Nov. 9, 2019

I hope you are ambitious! I hope you have big dreams and goals! I hope you are hungry to be your very best self and create and maintain your extraordinary family life! But don’t ever compromise your values, standards or the …

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#67 How to Effectively Process Grief And Pain

Nov. 4, 2019

Pain needs to be processed. That doesn't mean you 'get over ' whatever happened, it means that you can healthily revive. Remember that in the end pain can turn into power. Being in a negative, depressed state of mind for a l…

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#66 Living Your Dream Life Comes Down to a Specific Ability

Nov. 1, 2019

Talent is Overrated. It’s not about your raw talent. It’s not about whether you have the talent or not. The quality and outcome of your life is determined by a specific ability! And that ability is trainable! It is something…

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#65 Little Vices, Massive Consequences

Oct. 29, 2019

We all do it to some degree or another. It’s easy. It’s almost unconscious. We discount the little things that seem make little or no difference. We tolerate the small vices and petty indulgences, thinking they have no affec…

Extraordinary Parenting Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#64 Transform Insecurities Into Strengths

Oct. 26, 2019

Do you have an insecurity that is holding you back from who you want to be and how you want to live? I used to have loads of them, and they were preventing me from progressing. So I learned how to lean into them and transfor…

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#63 Make Your Life More EXCITING And Enjoyable

Oct. 22, 2019

It’s too easy to slip into the humdrum existence of taking care of the chores and the errands and doing the things that need to be done and losing the pure enjoyment of being alive. We have to be more strategic about making …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#62 How to Be a POSITIVE Person in a Negative Culture

Oct. 15, 2019

Negativity dulls our capacity for greatness, it hinders our potential. Everyone has had times where negativity gets deep into them, and then everything in their life gets dark. On the other hand, are there times where we hav…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#61 What it takes to pursue your potential

Oct. 10, 2019

What is life? I think it’s a wonderful adventure of pursuing our potential! What does it take to pursue your potential? Well, there’s no easy answer to that question. It takes a lot of stuff and a lot of hard work but it’s w…

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#60 5 Ways to Address Your Problems, Difficulties, and Trials

Oct. 8, 2019

Life will always present us with problems and challenges. It’s just part of the mortal experience. What we do about them and how we do it will determine the quality and final outcome of our lives. Here are five ways that we …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#59 How To Achieve BIG Dreams

Oct. 3, 2019

There is a simple formula for achieving big dreams. Success leaves clues! Those who have achieved big dreams have followed a recipe that you can follow too. I challenge you to start dreaming big again and to draft a clear st…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#58 Eliminate Unnecessary Suffering

Sept. 22, 2019

Are you experiencing some kind of pain in your life right now? Maybe it’s emotional or social. Perhaps it’s mental or spiritual. Wherever it is, it distracts us from what’s most important and prevents us from being able to h…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Who Are We? Our Story

#57 New Podcast Name and Getting Clear on Your Personal Family Mission

Sept. 16, 2019

We’re changing the name of the podcast! And helping you get more clarity and focus on what you’re pursuing and how to get it done! --- Send in a voice message:

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#56 Watch Your Words—Understanding the true effects of sarcasm, mockery and jest.

Sept. 14, 2019

Your words are more powerful than you realize they are! But most of us have been trained and conditioned -- through society and other people -- to use sarcasm and mockery all the time. We’re so used to it that we unconscious…

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#55 The Philosophy Journal—The best way to take back control of your life. Part 2

Sept. 9, 2019

This episode gives you the details of how to create your own philosophy journal and why it’s so incredibly powerful in your life. Listen now and get started on your own philosophy journal! ------------ If you're ready to tak…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#54 The Philosophy Journal—the best solution for your biggest problems. Part 1

Sept. 7, 2019

You may not realize it yet, but most of your biggest problems are problems with your own personal philosophy. What you think about you bring about. What you believe you achieve. The best solution to your biggest problems is …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#53 How to keep moving forward when life pushes you back

Sept. 5, 2019

It’s too easy to give up hope and then to give up! Life can be tough. And it has a way of holding us down. But with a few simple strategies we can maintain perspective and keep moving forward! ------------ If you're ready to…

Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#52 Your Statements and Stories Are Holding You Down

Aug. 31, 2019

Most of us are quick to make statements that close our minds to opportunities and possibilities. We also create stories about why we CANNOT do the things we would really like to do. Fortunately, every one of you can replace …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#51 Removing The Unnecessary Struggle And Strain From Your Life

Aug. 29, 2019

Have you ever tried to get water to flow through a hose that is kinked? The water pressure is low and the hose isn't delivering to its full capacity. There are two options. Turn up the water, or unkink the hose. If you choos…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#50 Two Simple, Life-Changing Habits

Aug. 22, 2019

There are two very simple yet powerful habits that I have been practicing for over 22 years that have brought so much joy and direction and purpose and meaning and happiness to my life! Anyone can do them and everyone should…

Who Are We? Our Story

#49 Rewriting Your Life Story (so you can live the life you dream about)

Aug. 19, 2019

Everyone of us has a story we tell ourselves and a manifesto that we have taken on as our identity. Unfortunately, many of our stories are negative and they keep a small and hold us back from being our best selves. The great…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#48 This is why you’re not getting the results you want and what to do to actually get them

Aug. 18, 2019

Many people want different outcomes and results in their lives and may even be working really hard towards them but somehow just can’t seem to get the results they want. It may surprise you that the thing that needs to chang…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#47 The little things that are keeping you from your big things

Aug. 12, 2019

Most of us are holding on to some kind of little problem or challenge that has remained unresolved or not been taken care of and is causing a lot of irritation, pain and distraction! And some of you have armfuls of that stuf…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#46 How To ACTUALLY Get What You REALLY Want

Aug. 11, 2019

Many people have no idea what they want and even more people have no idea how to get it. Listen to this episode now to start figuring out what it is you really want and the proven step is to actually get it! --- Send in a vo…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#45 What to do with the emotional pain—you all have some :)

Aug. 6, 2019

We all experience emotional pain as we journey along through life but very few of us have been given the tools in the training to know what to do with it. So unfortunately most people turn to unhealthy patterns and behaviors…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#44 What will be your destiny? These things will determine it!

Aug. 3, 2019

None of us knows our exact destiny. But our actions and habits most definitely open or close doors along our path. What you and I do day in and day out will determine whether we are prepared or not to take advantage of oppor…

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#43 Epic Life Lessons From Mongolia

July 27, 2019

I recently returned from a life-changing adventure in Mongolia. While I was there I learned several great lessons that have really impacted my life and remind me about the things that really matter. These are the things that…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#42 Why You Are Struggling and What You HAVE TO Do About It

July 20, 2019

Many developing countries struggle with corrupt infrastructure. No clean water, electricity is a hit and miss, a garbage or sewage system is needed and an internet connection can be even harder to access. One rainstorm and t…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#41 Declaring Your Personal Independence

July 4, 2019

Too many of us are living lives of bondage, slavery and dependence! But we were born to be free! In fact, it’s impossible for us to reach our full potential when we are living in bondage. So today is your day to declare inde…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#40 What are you building with your current focus, time and attention?

June 25, 2019

Every day we are building our life with the things we focus on and give our time and attention to. Unfortunately, many of us are building Sandcastles that will wash away with the tide. In this episode, you’ll learn how to be…

Extraordinary Lifestyle

#39 Achievement Demands Sacrifice, But You’re Sacrificing The Wrong Stuff

June 18, 2019

There can be no real achievement without sacrifice but unfortunately most people are sacrificing the wrong things. So even if they achieve their goals, they are left without fulfillment and genuine satisfaction. In this epis…

Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#38 Mindset, Heartset & Skillset part 3

June 13, 2019

Think about any problem in your life. Then ask yourself if it would be better or different if your skill set were 10 times better. Everything in life is influenced by our skills, or lack there of. This includes things that w…

Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#37 Mindset, Heartset &Skillset part 2

June 13, 2019

Your heart set is your emotional power plant! Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you control it or not it generates tremendous amount of power and force in your life for good or for ill. The vast majority of our emo…

Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#36 Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset part 1

June 5, 2019

Every important aspect of our lives it’s affected by these three critical elements. In fact, look at any problem you are currently stuck in, andin and you’ll find a lack in one of these three areas. Part 1 is all about minds…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#35 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 5

May 24, 2019

All of us are living far below our full potential. Your unique potential is like an entire continent completely unexplored and full of resources. As we get our lives in order and follow the progression through Maslow‘s hiera…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#34 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 4

May 20, 2019

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Esteem: Respect, Status, Recognition, Strength and Freedom. Strength: That's Real strength comes from within - but includes physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc. Are you doing thi…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#33 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 3

May 10, 2019

What things are we doing that are completely unnecessary and robbing us of life? Do we get upset too easily? Too much screen time? Keeping up with the Jones? Are we prioritizing the wrong things? Here we are at the third tie…