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My husband LOVED it!

Just wanted to send something after your food podcasts! We have been eating a healthier diet recently but also tons of greens. I sent them to my husband to listen to and he lovvvvvved it and is all over trying the thing you mentioned in your podcast. We’ve been doing our own research and are working on implementing some new stuff so thanks!


So insightful and well rounded! I love this podcast as a growing resource for me and my kids. We love listening every morning!

My favorite podcast hands down

This podcast is filled with such wisdom, hope, and motivation. It will shift your perspective in so many areas. I always listen if I am feeling unmotivated, and within a few minutes I’m back up to feeling hopeful and at full productivity 😂 Thank you, I genuinely feel like I found at a time when I needed it and was ready to make changes in my life. My marriage, family life, and self have all been improving as I put these principles into practice.


If I’m ever feeling discouraged, their podcasts give me so much HOPE! Sometimes I find myself thinking AMEN to so many of the things I hear. I love that even though I may be “alone” in improving my marriage right now, there is still hope… When I change myself, I change my marriage. I can’t change my destination overnight, but I can change my direction. (Paraphrasing Greg) Definitely a podcast to enjoy for yourself and to share with ALL your friends and family! Level UP. Thank you.

Favorite Podcast

I have been taking Greg and Rachel’s courses for years now, and love everything they do including this podcast! Some episodes are so powerful, I will listen to them multiple times to really drill it into my brain. Thanks Greg and Rachel for all of the great information you share with the world! I look forward to the next episode 😊

My favorite podcast by far

I listen to dozens of podcasts and I have never left any reviews on any of them, but this one is worth it! I just feel like Greg and Rachel are such a powerhouse couple and team and I’m not married, but I look for something like they have. I am always impressed with the balance they have in their perspective and experience. I love that they are not afraid to disturb the monotony and to question groupthink. Highly recommend. 🙌🏼

Too quiet

This is such a great podcast… but it is also the quietest one I listen to. While running or in the car, it can often be hard to hear. Work on your sound, everything else is great!

Love these people!!

Greg and Rachel have a partnership together that, when combined with their intentional life experiences and well-rounded individual development , create thought-provoking podcasts that encourage listeners to strive to embrace the potential possible individually and as families . I love the recognition of reality in family life and the encouragement to improve what you have control over, in alignment with true principles, to make meaningful change. Every time I listen, I am edified.

You rocked it!

You guys rocked this one!!! 100%! I can’t even tell you how much I loved this, every single thing! Thank you for just saying it like it is.

Life Changer

I met Greg before discovering the podcast. He’s the real deal. If truly you listen, he will show you how to become a better person in every facet of your life. Most of all, he makes you want that person.

Just listen!

Jump in!! Just do it already! You will find so many gold nuggets in these podcasts that will change the way you think about yourself and the people around you. If applied, you will see immediate differences in every aspect of your life! You will feel motivated to be a little better everyday no matter what episode you choose!

THANK YOU for the episodes about sex!

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your recent episodes on the podcast about sex. Greg's episode about the men's perspective was great and I left feeling like I had new insights about how my husband feels and thinks. However, your follow-up episode... my goodness. I honestly felt like my heart and soul connected to your words on so many different levels. I felt like bursting out in tears- you get me!!!! You gave my heart words that my brain hadn't come up with yet. I've never heard anyone validate those points. In our marriage we have struggled, misunderstood, blindly tried to work through, etc. soooo many of the exact same things you brought up (maybe even every single point you brought up). We both came into our marriage completely uneducated. Sex was not discussed in either of our homes growing up and you know how taboo and mistaught it can be at the church level (which I feel is not their duty ultimately and most leaders just have no idea how to give those lessons. Yet I wish the overall approach could be majorly reworked. Many words that you brought up I do find myself triggered by simply the fact that they were taught to me in a completely confusing and damaging way. It's been so many years and I still haven't learned how to sort through them or how to form my own solid opinions about them, especially when they contradict what I was taught at church). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that episode was absolutely fantastic for me and totally helped me understand and realize parts of myself that I didn't before. One of my favorite "ah ha" moments was when you were talking about having so many tabs open in your brain that need closed in order to prepare to be in a state of mind to even think about sex in the first place. That has totally been a reoccurring frustration for us too! My husband gets frustrated with me because I want to talk about all the (what he thinks are trivial) things that came up during the day when he's trying to initiate sex. He's always saying "This is the absolute worst time to talk about xyz right now! I am not going there." and I have thought "he's kind of right, why do I want to talk about xyz right now? But I'm just totally not in the mood to have sex and this is the first time in our day we've had to be able to talk!" Now I understand that my mind is trying to close out all the tabs BEFORE it can open the new sex tab and I never have understood that about myself before now, thank you!

Extraordinary podcast from an extraordinary man

5/5 stars all the way. I have met Greg and his family in person, and I can confirm that he does live what he preaches. He definitely walks the talk. And his whole family is as awesome as he is. If it weren’t for Greg and his podcast, I would be a lazy, unhealthy, weak, undisciplined video gamer. Thanks for all the effort you have put in, Greg. The question is not whether or not Greg’s advice works for you, it is whether or not you put in the work. So put in the work, my friends, and reach upward!

My 16-year-old started doing the dishes without being asked

We are big fans of your podcast, and the other day we listened to a few episodes in the car on our way home. That evening, my 16-year-old son started doing the dishes without being asked and said to me, “Hey, Mom! Look how "awesome sauce" I am! I’m practically Greg Denning!” 🤣 Thanks for the great example and inspiration that you and your family provide! Even though we don’t know you, we feel like we do just through following your adventures. It seems like my teenage boys and yours are kindred spirits and would be great buddies if they were friends.

Love it!

I’ve been following Greg and Rachel for a long time. I love their energy and enthusiasm for life, education and living purposefully. I learn a lot from each episode!

Great for entrepreneurs and parents

I’ve gotten a lot of value from Greg’s teachings on this podcast as well as his other stuff. Great guy, great value, worth listening for sure!


I love listening to this in the morning. It always gets me jazzed for the day. Greg sees the big picture!

Life Changing

I look up to Greg Denning as one of the most influential mentors of my life. While listening to this podcast, I recognize ideals that I’ve had for years that I can trace back to early high school when I received his mentoring. Thank you so much for everything that you do; I aspire to help people like you do, and to reach upward to live my extraordinary life!

Beyond Inspirational

Greg Denning is definitely the best teacher I have ever had, and this podcast is amazing. It lifts my day, inspires me, and reminds me how to keep being my best self. Mr. Denning, thank you for being who you are- you remind me to live awesome when I begin to forget how or why. This podcast is amazing, and I will definitely continue to listen.

Awesomesauce Indeed

Greg Denning is quite possibly the most wise, relatable, optimistic human being I have ever met. His stories and sheer life experience have given his mentoring a type of credibility which simply could not come in other way. Mr Denning, I am so FREAKIN glad you started a podcast so that even as a Williamsburg Academy graduate I can be reminded to reach upward. Because life is GOOD, and even when it’s BAD it’s GOOD!