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#11 You Have The Power To Choose How You Do Life

February 05, 2019

#11 You Have The Power To Choose How You Do Life
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Everyday you have the choice to between mediocrity and excellence. 

When Greg was just twelve years old, he was out late in a bad part of town with some friends.   He ended up getting beat up pretty bad by some older teenagers.  In that moment, as a kid, he was the victim.  Then from the moment after that, he chose not to be the victim again.  He chose to learn some martial arts and workout.  

He still travels world to all sorts of places! "We are cautious but I refuse to live in fear."

We have opportunities to choose every single day.  Every moment we choose what we feel and how we react.  Now we don't play the victim, we have the blessed gift to choose and by playing the victim you are giving up your power to do that, to your life!

To live the life we want to live we have to choose deliberately.  Don't let life lead you, you lead it.  The quality of your life comes down to the little choices you make every single day.  So make those choices count!

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