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#182 How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids (Because You're Traumatizing Them)

June 14, 2022

#182 How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids (Because You're Traumatizing Them)
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We get a little serious in this episode -- and Greg sheds a few tears -- because in our work we've seen the trauma caused by yelling parents.

“People are people no matter how small.” Your children are people. And when you yell at them — consistently and in anger — you’re traumatizing them. How dare you treat a precious being in your care with such contempt. Stop it! You’re the adult. Learn to act like it.They deserve your love and respect.

Despite this harsh and straightforward statement, we are actually very empathetic to the stress and overwhelm parents are under. We do know that children can be annoying and can push all your buttons. We know that you’re exhausted, depleted, unsupported, and pulled in every direction.

But ultimately, while yelling might work in the short term, it damages relationships in the long term. Yelling means you’ve reached your ‘whits’ end’, have run out of parenting skills, and don’t have a close enough attachment with the child you’re yelling at.

Listen to this episode to learn how to fix all of that. And learn how to never yell in anger again. Watch how this will drastically change your family culture and parent/child relationships.


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