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#12 Broken Bones, shootings, and obesity. Life lessons from strange stories.

February 08, 2019

#12 Broken Bones, shootings, and obesity. Life lessons from strange stories.
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Caution! Awesome stories and reality checks lay ahead!

 While playing football, Greg's hand got smashed between two helmets and broke four metacarpals.  When he saw that his back up wasn't doing too well, he headed back into the game. broke his leg. 

  • What do we take for granted every day?! Movement of our fingers and legs? Mobility to do what we want? Reality checks are important to see how much we really have.

At fourteen years old, he was with some friends and a fight broke out about racism.  A full blown brawl happened in the parking lot. Worst came to worst, someone pulled out a gun and started shooting.  Lots of people ended up in the hospital that night. 

  • Do you de-humanize any group of people?  Every person has a story.  Who do we hate in our ignorance? Black people? White people? Muslims? Christians?  We are all people and should treat each other as such!

Left with his older brother from his home as a mid teen.  They road the Greyhound bus from Dallas, Texas all the way to upstate New York.  Ran into people who tried to get them unto clubs, selling drugs and drinking all as young teens.  They saw the outcome of those who did and chose not to partake in any of it!

  •  As we are watching Greg's podcasts now, we probably haven't been in much if any, of these situations before.   With fortune comes responsibility.  There are so many people who were born into a crummy situation and those who can help them need to be compassionate to them.  We have been blessed- not by actions of our own, they have started off crummy of no fault of their own either.  When growing up we all end up different people because of our upbringing.  What can you do to help the less fortunate? The people in real need?

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