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I know this sounds crazy. I realize that it’s hard to believe. But I have seen it too many times to not notice the pattern. You and I can get trapped in trauma that we experienced in the past, and that trauma keeps us from succeeding joyfully in other very unrelated areas. I even experienced this myself. Traumatic experiences with people or places or things left a negative mark in my psyche, and that became a trap that prevented me from moving forward in other areas of my life. It shows up in finances and marriage, and parenting and in business. It’s a lot like having a terrible headache or a thorn in your side. Even while wonderful things are happening around you, you can enjoy them fully because you’re in pain. I’ve observed trauma can have the same affect. Learning to heal the trauma, let go of it, give it a new meaning, and let it empower you can totally transform your life experience and your outcomes! You can do this! You can break free from the trap of trauma! --- Send in a voice message: