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#148 What Wives Need to Know about Husbands' (Sex Drive) and What Men Need to Understand about Themselves

June 03, 2021

#148 What Wives Need to Know about Husbands' (Sex Drive) and What Men Need to Understand about Themselves
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"Just because you've been with yourself for your entire life, doesn't mean you understand yourself."

This is true about your spouse too. Just because you've been married to them for ___ years, doesn't mean you understand them.

And these statements are especially true when it comes to sexuality... understanding your own sexuality, and your shared relationships with your spouse.

Just because you have sex with your spouse doesn't mean your good at talking about it or doing it.

Sexuality is a part of being human, and a pivotal part of being married.

And as such, it needs to be understood and directed. Unfortunately, many men do not understand themselves and their sex drive, and many more women do not understand their man

Why does he think about sex so much? Why does he want to have sex every day? Why are men visually stimulated? What can we do about it? 

What about the differences in sexual desires and preferences between spouses? What can you do to increase or decrease sexual desire, either in myself or my spouse? What can I do to make it great?! 

These things come up all the time in the personal coaching that I do, and the work that I do with couples and it is very often a huge source of frustration and conflict, instead of an amazing source of connection and love. 

In this episode, I risk being open, blunt, and bold in order to share a perspective that I hope will be very helpful for individuals and couples. 

This is an episode that needs to be shared far and wide so that couples can have a clear understanding and open dialogue to understand each other and improve their sexual relationship

PLUS these are things that need to be understood and then taught to youth so that they can go into adult life understanding themselves and others better.

Listen to this critically important (albeit uncomfortable) episode on men's sexuality.

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