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#15 Choose your love and love your choice

February 14, 2019

#15 Choose your love and love your choice
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Greg and Rachel met in college, you could say Greg was struck at first sight.   Growing up Greg didn't have a lot examples of what a good marriage should look like, or if it was even possible.  In his late teens he was terrified of talking to girls, so in his early twenties he pushed himself to date a lot and meet a lot of people.  He had a list of qualities he wanted his spouse to have, he was dating deliberately. 

Later to find they were both dating deliberately.  On their first date, Rachel didn't talk a lot.  Greg tried to keep the conversation going but she was so quiet! Later to find that she wanted him to do the talking so she could find out what type of guy he really was.  She wanted to know what was important to him and see what kind of things he wanted to know about her.   Each of them had their way of seeing what the other valued. 

Choose your love, then love your choice. Love isn't something you just 'fall into' then 'fall out of.'  Love is deliberate, when you agree to get married, that should automatically mean that divorce is out of the question.  You will make it work, you love each other. 

Life is lived on an incline, if you aren't working on your marriage, by default, you are working on your divorce.  You have to keep up with it, you should be best friends with your spouse! 

When both husband and wife are working on themselves, it makes their marriage so much better.  When you are both working on ways to improve, it makes it easier to roll with the punches.  Pay close attention to what your spouse really likes,  what is their favorite kind of food? What music do they like? Find ways to serve the ones you love. 

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