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#151 What husbands NEED to know about their wives

July 09, 2021

#151 What husbands NEED to know about their wives
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Many marriages are merely okay, or even slowly dying simply because men are inadvertently neglecting their wives. Gentlemen, you’re living far below your privileges in your marriage. Inadvertent negligence is costing you the spark, romance, and relationship you could have. With a little awareness and a few simple habits, you can totally transform your marriage. How is your health and fitness? It is affecting your relationship! Do you have clear boundaries between work life and family life? That is affecting your marriage. Are you leading at home? Spiritually mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and financially? Are you fully engaged or usually distracted? Do you listen? Really listen? Are you making daily romantic gestures and planning awesome weekly dates? Are you taking ownership of the condition of the house and raising the children? Your wife will admire you more as you become more admirable. Your wife will respect you more as you become more respectable. Those of you who are married to high Achieving go-getter wives are often receiving things you don’t deserve. Deserve it. Earn it! Listen to this episode right now and share it with someone you know who needs to hear it --- Send in a voice message: