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#163 The Failure to Launch Epidemic and How to Prevent It In YOUR Children & Teens

December 14, 2021

#163 The Failure to Launch Epidemic and How to Prevent It In YOUR Children & Teens
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In this episode, we’re talking about Failure to Launch syndrome — a significant growing phenomenon among young adults who are not successfully making the transition to adulthood.

Its symptoms include young adults who continue to live at home or to be supported by their parents, YA who don’t contribute financially to their own living expenses and begin to withdraw from the world and society.

Failure to launch — known as Peter Pan syndrome in the U.S. -- can take the form of unrealistic (or NO) goals, blaming others for their situation, narcissism, a lack of motivation to change, low levels of persistence, high expectations without reciprocation, lack of basic adult skills, and no ‘liftoff’ into adult responsibilities — among other things.

In the extreme, it can lead to the proverbial 30-year-old living in the basement and can be accompanied by anxiety, depression, and sometimes suicide.

In this episode, Greg and I discuss the contributing factors to failure to launch plus strategies to avoid it. Whether you have toddlers or teens (or are one yourself), you NEED to listen to this!

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