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#169 How to Make the Mundane Parts of Day-to-Day Life More Meaningful

February 08, 2022

#169 How to Make the Mundane Parts of Day-to-Day Life More Meaningful
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Today we are diving into a detailed look at what living an ‘extraordinary’ life looks like on the day-to-day. The majority of your life — and ours — is spent in daily activities that can be mundane. Dishes, laundry, errands. 

Even with a travel lifestyle like ours, we spend most of our time sitting in a vehicle on a road trip or waiting in an airport. How do you make the ordinary, routine, ‘boring’ daily interactions more meaningful and purpose-filled?

We’ll share specific strategies that we’ve used for over a decade to turn the transactional into transformational.

If you’ve ever felt that life is like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ then you definitely want to listen to this episode so you can learn how to get unstuck and make the daily interactions you’re ALREADY having with your spouse and children special, memorable, and magical.

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