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#18 Your moral obligation to become your best self

February 20, 2019

#18 Your moral obligation to become your best self
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 You never graduate from learning. Though, sometimes we feel childish when we get to start something new.  Very few adults learn new talents.   Why is it that when we get older we think that because we never had the chance when we are young, that we missed it?  We didn't miss it, we are afraid of the discomfort that will come from starting something new.  You are never to old to be a rookie!  

We all need to develop the habit of becoming a voracious learner.  Even if we are in a comfortable spot, there seems to be something that keeps pushing us forward.  That something that says we should keep going to keep getting better. 

When we settle into reality and give up on our dreams, when really we are just reaching the end of our skill set and our knowledge base.  Most people accept that as the end of learning for them, that there is no way to get past the fact that all throughout life you can be doing things that are new!  You have limited skills, but unlimited times to attempt something new.  The thought that we can no longer do things past our natural skill set are self imposing. 

The common denominator of success talks about how successful people are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people aren't.  It's that simple - do the hard things! There is a acronym for that! - CAVI = Consistent and vigorous improvement. You can improve any skill by following that.

It is unethical to keep yourself from your potential.  You are stealing your skill set away from people in your circle of influence.  Say you have an unhealthy eating problem, are there better things you could be doing if you were fit?  You would have more energy to be a better parent and spouse. You are limiting yourself.  You are taking your talents away from those who are closest to you because you could be helping them! 

There is a French saying, Noblesse Oblige.  Which means that with nobility comes obligation, with what you are given you are expected to give. 

This isn't to guilt trip you and remind you of all the things you aren't doing so great on.  This is to remind you who you truly can be.  To show you your worth and influence as an individual can help so many people if you choose to unleash it!

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