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#180 This is What's Contributing to All Your Parenting Problems -- And Will Solve Them When Addressed

May 24, 2022

#180 This is What's Contributing to All Your Parenting Problems -- And Will Solve Them When Addressed
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When Greg Denning was out on his own as a teenager it wasn’t difficult for him to realize that his life sucked… but he desperately wanted it to be better and different.

Nobody wants to live a sucky life and stay there. But it was so interesting to him to watch people live a sucky life — and stay there. They would keep doing the same things that would produce the same sucky results.

As a 16-year-old he was able — miraculously enough — to look around and say, “Dude, stop doing what you’re doing and you’ll get different results.” It was just easy for him to see as a teen, even though he wasn’t yet able to articulate it into something we live by — “Nothing in my life will get better until I get better.” Greg came to realize — then experience — then teach thousands of people on five continents that when YOU get better, everything else in your life gets better too.

In today’s episode, we are discussing how this applies to parenting. Many parents keep doing things that are producing sucky results and unnecessary pain and suffering in the form of bad behavior, rebellion, tantrums, fighting, yelling, and more.

NONE of this is going to get easier or better until YOU get better as an individual and a parent.

The problems you’re facing as a parent ultimately stem from your own inabilities or lack of skills & awareness. It’s not your fault, but learning to be aware of them is key to changing everything and solving your problems. If you are a parent or know a parent, you don’t want to miss this!

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