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#19 Cultivating the Courage to Pursue Your Goals and Dreams

February 27, 2019

#19 Cultivating the Courage to Pursue Your Goals and Dreams
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Encourage your dreams. If you can't change the world yet, what can you do to change your world? Courage is the only thing you need to reach your dream, to change your world. Is money stopping you? Then make a good business/money/savings goal! Is it your fear of travel? Try a small road trip or get on a plane the next time you have to go anymore. 

When you reach for your dreams, there are those who will automatically want to bring you down. A lot of the time, its those who are closest to you. Sometimes you have to let it roll off your back, make your goals and get after them! With great reward, there is great risk. So how do we get the skill set to accomplish our goals? 

Here is the Challenge: Do what scares you! When you do things that scare you, you become more courageous. You grow, you become powerful. You can become fearless. Sometimes its your lack of understanding that makes you scared, when looking into a fear makes it less scary. Either way, it needs to be conquered! 

Final Challenge: Make a list of things that scare you and do them! Get a group of friends that are supportive or will even do it with you.

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