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#191 The Truth (& Myths) About Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

September 06, 2022

#191 The Truth (& Myths) About Overcoming Anxiety & Depression
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Many, if not all of us, know of someone — are ARE someone — who has dealt with the devastating effects of anxiety and depression.

Methods for dealing with these issues can be very charged. It’s a subject that’s often difficult to discuss, for a variety of reasons — shame, guilt, anger, frustration, despair.

But they are subjects that NEED to be addressed — least of all because it’s becoming a crisis for youth and adults today. And what those who are struggling need most are advice and strategies that ACTUALLY work — and, as you’ll learn in this episode, more often than not, it does NOT include medication. The research is becoming VERY clear that most people on anti-depressants are still depressed. Medication is simply not the savior many hoped it would be.

The truth is that the greatest limiting factor to overcoming anxiety and depression are your own limiting beliefs and erroneous or outdated conclusions about this topic. What you don’t know — and what you think you know that’s just not true — are hurting you.

After decades of research, studying, and multiple-lifetimes of experience — including our work with thousands of youth and families across five continents — we have come to some very solid conclusions about anxiety and depression — what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to overcome it FOR GOOD.

We guaran-dang-tee that some of what we discuss in this episode will NOT be popular. But it is scientifically, biologically, and psychologically-based and will WORK for the vast majority of people — 97% or more — so it’s worth considering.


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