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#196 How & WHY to do Morning Family Devotionals (Discussions)

October 11, 2022

#196 How & WHY to do Morning Family Devotionals (Discussions)
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We are busy people. And so are you. We have a LOT going on, as I’m sure you do too. Human nature often makes us feel that we’re “too busy” to do things like morning routines or rituals. We’re “too busy” to do morning discussions with our family.

But because you are so busy is exactly why you MUST do family discussions and devotionals. (When we use the term devotional we don't necessarily mean it as a religious activity, although it certainly can include religion and spirituality.)

Daily family devotionals are one of the foundation blocks for building a solid family culture. In fact, it’s a strategy we’ve used for two decades to create family stability even with a nomadic lifestyle living and traveling to 48 countries on five continents with our seven children.

But creating family stability with family devotionals doesn’t just work for nomads like us. When it comes to your family’s stability, it doesn’t matter where or how your family lives or how long you stay in one place. What does matter is what sort of daily rituals and routines you share — such as morning family devotionals or discussions.

Listen to this episode now to learn more about our personal and family morning routines, why they are so powerful and have a compounding effect over your children’s lifetime, and how to begin doing them in your family.


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