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#200 Disagreements in Parenting Approaches Around LGBTQ Issues

November 08, 2022

#200 Disagreements in Parenting Approaches Around LGBTQ Issues
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"My husband and I have been struggling a great deal in our marriage, mostly over parenting issues. We have specifically been struggling with our 13 year old daughter who told us she is gay."

Many emails and questions we receive from parents begins with something like this statement above.

Spouses are struggling in their marriage, and it's often because of disagreements in parenting approaches or issues they're facing with their children that they're not sure how to handle.

They will tell us things like:

  • I feel he is too harsh in his parenting and he feels I am too lenient.
  • I know my spouse cares about our children and is trying in his own way to do what's right, but he's driving her away from us and away from God.
  • My wife is being too permissive but when I tell her the arguments begin.
  • My spouse is overly harsh in the way he speaks to my children.
  • I don’t believe in divorce but I’m not willing to give in and lose my daughter over this.

But parenting differences aside, there's also a growing concern for children and parents during this seemingly complicated and confusing time where as a society we're trying to (re)define things as 'basic' as sex and gender.

Are our children being caught up in societal shifts? Can things like suicide, depression, or being gay become ‘trendy’? 

What are the statistical chances a child could be gay, and how do we respond to that if they are? 

What are the best ways to approach issues like these with our children —and to effectively deal with them when they arise in a way that prevents unhealthy parent/child relationships?

What's the most psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally healthy approach for our kids?

If you have children and have had or will have any concerns about these issues, then don’t miss this important episode!

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