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#202 Video Games & Virtual Worlds -- How to Get Our Sons & Husband's Back

December 06, 2022

#202 Video Games & Virtual Worlds -- How to Get Our Sons & Husband's Back
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Hey everybody! Greg and I are in Oslo, Norway with our family, recovering from jet lag. In a few hours, we fly to Tromsø, 220 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Tomorrow begins our first Norway trip where 18 other people will be joining us forreindeer sledding, dog sledding, and the Northern Lights.

(Check out our 2023 travel schedule and join us here!)

This week’s podcast is audio taken from our most recent coaching session for the Extraordinary Family Life Formula. We discussed why boys and men (young and old) turn to video games and virtual worlds — and what to do about it.

We discuss why gaming addictions are a problem for all of society — and specifically for your family — and the long-term consequences they can have.

We explain how technology has improved as well as the understanding and use of human psychology to make them increasingly more addictive.

We share specific strategies for preventing and overcoming gaming addictions

We also review the unique human needs boys and men have that are not being fulfilled at school or in the community, which results in driving boys and men even more to virtual worlds.

If you have boys or men, young or old, in your life, or daughters who will date and marry men — then listen now to this episode regarding a crucial topic that is a growing epidemic.

This episode also gives you a glimpse into what our monthly coaching sessions are like with the Extraordinary Family Life Formula. If you would like to join us live, then click the link for a special discount.

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