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#209 How to Get Your Kids (& Spouse) on Board with Charts & Systems (+ Why You NEED Them Even if You Think You Don't)

February 07, 2023

#209 How to Get Your Kids (& Spouse) on Board with Charts & Systems (+ Why You NEED Them Even if You Think You Don't)
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We received another question from a mom who was interested in joining my Family Charts & Systems course and community.

In an email I sent out, it said:

As a mother of seven children, my life seriously changed forever once I learned how to FINALLY get organized.

So when moms tell me they don't have a system for chores or study time, I'm like...

"Say what?!"

I get it. Some of you don't like systems. You'd rather live free-flowing and in the moment. I was that mom too, about ten years ago.

But then I discovered the incomparable power of having family systems and it changed my life and family.

Systems bring sanity. Systems teach responsibility. Systems provide accountability. Systems empty your plate so you can focus on the things YOU want to do as a PERSON. Systems help you be a better parent. Systems help your children learn adult skills.

She responded saying, “This email sounds great about systems, BUT here's the question since I have made TONS of attempts at making systems that work... how does one get one's children on board? It works for a little while, but seemingly not long term or maybe it doesn't work.

I feel pretty tired of trying out other people's systems just to have them NOT work for us.

…does your system product include how to help with motivation/cooperation/etc? Also does it help people who have a hard time following other peoples' plans?!?! lol, because I think that may be why I have struggled.”

If you’ve ever felt similarly to this mom, then you don’t want to miss this.

In it, we explain why SYSTEMS are everything. You are ALREADY using systems, they just might be ineffective ones.

Learning to use effective systems will TRANSFORM your family life. We’ll expound on why and HOW.

How do you get your kids on board — and how do you do it without damaging relationships?

How do you motivate them and get them to want to cooperate?

What do you do if and WHEN the systems stop working (we also explain why this happens and that it is completely normal).

And for those of you who believe you don’t want or need systems because you prefer to ‘live in the moment or go with the flow’ — I get it. I used to be that person too. 

But we’ll explain how effective systems actually bring MORE freedom and that you’re actually restricted and limited by your ineffective systems and they’re keeping you from doing the things you REALLY want to do.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the systems or seeming lack of them in your home and family — or have wondered why your systems and charts ‘never work’ — or how to get your kids (and spouse) motivated and on board — then listen to this episode now! 

As a mompreneur, homeschooling, world-traveling mother of 7 children, systems have played a HUGE role in keeping me sane and peacefully productive. Great systems reduce stress.

If you would like help creating charts and systems from someone who has done it (me) then snag my Family Charts & Systems. Done for you, editable and printable.

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