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#21 Never treat people this way, especially when you’re in a leadership position!

March 13, 2019

#21 Never treat people this way, especially when you’re in a leadership position!
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Seems to be that going through security into any country can be a nightmare the U.S., the UK, Hungry you name it.  

Something that seems to be a common thread between all these stories is that once someone has a little bit of power or authority, they tend to abuse it.  The people that are going through security are completely at the mercy of the person with the badge.  How come sometimes people use that to their advantage unnecessarily?

In some way, we all have power and authority.  Do we abuse that power? Like in positions at work, remember that you manage 'things' and lead people.  Never think of people as 'under you.'  Be grateful for the position and the opportunity you are seen to be a leader.  In that position, we have the chance to spread good, so be extra kind.  You have a group who you have the responsibility to serve and lead. 

It's easy to say "I am kind to people but I work with such knuckle heads!" It's not uncommon for someone to think they are the only ones who got it right.  Let people share their opinions and see how you can improve together.  Gentle persuasion goes a long way, deal with people in kindness looking for a solution, not to just be right. 

Challenge: Be intentional about being unfailing kind - to make people feel understood, seen and heard.

How would things change for you if you were more compassionate and respectful with those you work with?  There is a great quote from C.S. Lewis that says "You never interact with a mere mortal." Every human being is cherished.

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