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#212 True Balance Looks Like Yin & Yang and Walking 'The Labyrinth'

February 28, 2023

#212 True Balance Looks Like Yin & Yang and Walking 'The Labyrinth'
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This week’s question is related to full-time family travel vs. home base travel but the answer is relevant for all of us — it’s principle-based and applicable to every area of life. So if you’re not a full-time family traveler, you still need to listen to this episode because you’re likely experiencing something similar in one or more areas of your life.

Many of us think that balance means equal. But really, contrast — the yin and yang — is more accurate to how we develop. It’s why we have two hemispheres in our brain and it’s why we need ‘opposition’ in all things. It is how we find meaning and purpose in our life.

But the challenge is we sabotage ourselves. We don't want to let go of what we know to puruse something different, especially when we feel like what we have is 'right'. We want to stay with the familiar, we don’t want to ‘betray’ ourselves by ‘flip-flopping’ between ideas, beliefs, or lifestyles. We identify with this thing and it’s become a part of who we are, so if we change them or open our minds to something opposite, what will that do to our life, family, marriage, etc?

The truth is, we NEED to do that in order to become complete, whole, and fully developed. We NEED to explore the ‘other side’. That’s how we reach our full potential and become our full, complete selves. This is what we call ‘walking the labyrinth'exploring every area of yourself, life, etc. in order to become fully whole and complete.

But it seems scary, risky, or even wrong and ‘inappropriate’ — yet it is psychologically, biologically, mentally, and physically accurate and demonstrably true. Try it out and see for yourself. You’ll find more benefits, power, development and reach more of your personal and family potential. Listen now to learn HOW.

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The Master and His Emissary

See a photo of the labyrinth here.

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