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Life is not one grand event, it's a journey.  In the book The Alchemist, it talks a lot about finding your dream, more specifically, pursuing your legend.  All of our stories are different but we all have common denominators, the best one the triumph of achieving what we set out to do. 

 Day in and day out, what are we doing to make our legend happen?  Every single say we should be taking a step forward. Big step or baby steps, keep moving upwards. 

Do you even know what your legend is? If not, thats ok!  Your job is to figure it out, there is still no reason for you not to move forward. Getting the little things done are a must do, sometimes little things just have to get done.  However, if those little things get in the way of you getting to the big things, prioritization is needed!

Challenge: Take a step every single day in the direction of your legend, achieving your life's purpose. 

(Join Greg on one of his adventures!  Let the world change you!)

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