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#223 How to Prevent 80% of Problems & Find Lasting Solutions When Challenges Do Arise

May 16, 2023

#223 How to Prevent 80% of Problems & Find Lasting Solutions When Challenges Do Arise
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Do you feel stuck? Or like you're constantly dealing with the same problems -- in your marriage, with your kids, or your finances?

Does it feel like you can never 'afford it' -- no matter what it is? Or that you keep having the same health issues crop up?

Do you feel like "life sucks and then you die"?

Did you realize that you can PREVENT mostof these problems before they happen?

Most people think that when things like this arise that it's 'just life'.

But our research, study, and experience have shown us that most problems in life are self-inflicted.

Of course, there are things that happento youthat are outside of your control -- especially as a child.

Some people are victims of abuse, tragedy, and trauma.

But once you become an adult, you have the opportunity and obligation to "Pull the weeds and plant the seeds" of the things you want and don't want in your life.

And you can learn to reframethe past so that it has new meaning and can become a positive force in your life.

Listen now to this episode if you want to learn how to do this -- and to PREPARE for and PREVENT 80% of the problems in your life -- plus acquire the ability to continually 'level up' mentally, emotionally, financially, and in your relationships.


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