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#24 Making The Most of Yourself

March 24, 2019

#24 Making The Most of Yourself
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You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat and take care of themselves.  We all have an obligation to work on ourselves more than anything else.  Good Input = Good Output, (and vice versa) are you building yourself up or tearing yourself down?

Time is precious.  Don't waste it! Henry David Thoreau says "As if you could kill time without injuring the eternities."  Time is what life is made up of, if you waste time, then you don't know the true meaning of your life!  There are so many things to learn and do, more amazing books that you could read in a life time.

There are so many people out there who do the "have to's" like going to their job all day so that when they get home, they don't have to do productive work anymore.  Many people think of retirement simply as a time in their life where they don't 'have' to do anything! Your time is so much more valuable than that!  Don't slip into "this is just the way I am" when you are wasting your potential to be so much more. 

Plan it out, make goals in all areas of your life.  When you level up let's say in the  'physical' category by getting into shape and having more energy, you will find that you are doing better in other areas of your life because of that boost. On you can get a copy of Greg's planner and get started on your goals. 

When you have the mindset making the most of yourself, you need to incorporate these three things:

  1.  You need to get a coach.  It can be anyone who lifts you up, shows you how to get things done and motivates to keep you on top of things.
  2. Surround yourself with a good community. Being around people with the same vision as you.  They want to bring people up! 
  3. Add a little healthy competition.  Usually it's against yourself, but  have deadlines or competitions for you to get yourself motivated and finished.

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