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#27 How to Be Less Prejudiced and Racist And More Compassionate and Open-Minded

April 07, 2019

#27 How to Be Less Prejudiced and Racist And More Compassionate and Open-Minded
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 There are a lot of good books, experiences and places that you could go to learn about the way some people live.  Those experiences can be tough, those books can be harsh and the places can be very dark.  

You shouldn't live in ignorance but some things you avoid.  There is a book called Left to Tell, about the terrible tribal wars in Africa.  It is a book that opened up understanding for those people, but its a really tough read.  Understand those around you that maybe you don't know a whole lot about.

There are refugees all around the world, they are getting nearer and nearer, maybe we should read up on their culture and lifestyle.  How can we expand our world view to help those around us?

Don't stick your head in the sand and be oblivious to whats going on outside of your circle.  Because our world view and understanding is so limited, it brings about prejudices and racism.  If we understood the desperate people, those who are ignorant and uneducated, I think all those previous prejudices would go away to see the life they got. 

We are all humans on a journey together.  Diversity is a good thing but the differences do not mean we should separate or objectify those people because they are not like us. 

There is another book called And there was light about a young blind man leading a resistance against the Nazi's.  He even said that those who have sight are at a disadvantage because they judge.  The size of people, the color, the age the clothing etc.  Would racism be a problem if we were all blind? 

Challenge: Get rid of prejudices in your own life. 

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