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Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#189 How to Get Stuff Done & Be Productive (Even With a Family)

Aug. 23, 2022

Getting things done is one of the most critical ingredients for achieving your dreams and goals and building a lasting family legacy . Yet it’s also one of the hardest things to do because of the natural ebbs, flows, and int…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#188 Your Current Habits Will Make or Break Your Life Happiness & Success

Aug. 16, 2022

Greg often says, “ Tell me your habits and I’ll tell you your future.” Habits are the MOST important thing to determining the outcomes and happiness of your life . Habits will make or break your mental, emotional, spiritual,…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#186 How to Build Confidence

Aug. 2, 2022

"I would like to be more confident but my face turns red if I am embarrassed, nervous, shy, afraid, or just talking with someone . Without that handicap, I know I would be more confident, but unfortunately, I let it stop me …

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#178 We Know It's Hard But DO WHAT MUST BE DONE! The Obstacle IS the Way

May 10, 2022

We all have blind spots. We all have things we’re doing (or not doing) that are causing or contributing to our own problems. In our coaching, we often work with people who keep doing (or not doing) the things that are keepin…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#173 Beauty, Art, Changing World Order, & Jordan Peterson Live

April 2, 2022

Greg and I are always fascinated by ideas , the search for truth , intellectual discussion , and meaningful connection . As intentionally as we have designed our lifestyle, it’s still rare for us to have all of those things …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#170 How to Wake Up and Overcome Sleep Depression/Inertia -- Better Mornings Equals a Better Life

Feb. 22, 2022

Hey everyone. We hope you’re having a great week. I know Greg and I are excited to have some sunshine and warmer weather after two cloudy and cold weeks. Today we’re discussing something which — at first glance — seems overl…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#169 How to Make the Mundane Parts of Day-to-Day Life More Meaningful

Feb. 8, 2022

Today we are diving into a detailed look at what living an ‘extraordinary’ life looks like on the day-to-day . The majority of your life — and ours — is spent in daily activities that can be mundane . Dishes, laundry, errand…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#166 The Size of Your Dreams MUST Exceed Your Current Capacity to Achieve Them

Jan. 11, 2022

In this episode, Greg and I talk about one of our favorite topics — dreaming BIG and setting (and achieving) BIG goals . Greg has said that “The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them.” …

Extraordinary Parenting Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#164 Teen Mental Health Strategies That WORK! Pattern Interrupts & State Changes

Dec. 21, 2021

In this episode, we’re discussing teen mental health and strategies for helping them not only overcome mental health challenges but to learn to thrive despite their difficult circumstances. We’re empathetic to the real strug…

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#162 'Entertainment Overrun' is Creating a Painful Gap Between Here and the Life of Your Dreams

Dec. 7, 2021

We often receive emails from parents or spouses asking questions -- we love it. (Email us your questions at support @ This email asked us: “How can our family create balance and not feel guilty f…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#161 Question Everything -- Including C*vid -- Take Responsibility, And Get Healthy!

Nov. 30, 2021

Under duress, Greg agreed to do ANOTHER podcast touching on issues around C*vid -- but only because someone was confused about our 'statement' and position during the last one. They also believed there were some holes in our…

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#160 "You're Good Enough the Way You Are" Isn't the WHOLE Truth

Nov. 9, 2021

It IS true that 'you are good enough the way you are'. You are special. You are lovable. You are allowed to just be YOU. But those ideas are INCOMPLETE truths. You were also designed, created, and evolved to continually aim …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#157 Our Response to 'Incomprehensibly Stupid' Memes & Current Events

Sept. 13, 2021

What happens when you share a 'controversial' meme on social media? Lots of comments and ensuing arguments. In this podcast, Greg and Rachel respond to comments on a meme that was shared which said: "If you've ever wondered …

Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity Mindset, Heartset, & Skillset

#154 Learning To WANT What You NEED and LOVE What You Don’t Like

Aug. 7, 2021

Here are 5 ideas about learning to like and enjoy the things you need to do but may not always want to do. 1—Like the results. You may not like the method and that’s okay. FOCUS on the results. What you focus on you feel. …

Extraordinary Lifestyle Habits, Systems, Energy & Productivity

#153 When Being a Good Person Produces Bad Results

Aug. 5, 2021

Being good is not enough Most of our default thinking is that if we’re a good person it will be enough. That’s just not true! You can be a good person and a piss poor husband You can be a good person and a lousy lover You …