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#29 This is what generosity REALLY looks like

April 14, 2019

#29 This is what generosity REALLY looks like
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When people are cruel, they are just passing on the degradation in themselves.  On the other hand, when people are kind, they are passing on the goodness in themselves. 

Be generous make a difference, there is always a way to be kind to others.

While the Dennings were in Costa Rica, money was tight.  Even though they were in a tough spot, they saw others who were living in an even worse condition. What could they do to help?  They got friends back in the states to donate hundred of books for this villages school!  They made a bookshelf and had become close to a specific family living there.  Greg and Rachel had gotten a few really nice books they wanted them to read, as soon as he handed them to this family, the mother started shouting at the neighbors to come and see.  Greg was astonished, he didn't have anymore books and didn't necessarily want everyone to know that he had just given out a special few.  He asked her why she immediately wanted to share?  The mother said "Today is my special day, I want to share it.  I know that when I am having a bad day they will share their happy days with me too."

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