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#3 The Terrible Car Accident (and Near Loss of a Child) that Changed our Lives Forever

January 24, 2019

#3 The Terrible Car Accident (and Near Loss of a Child) that Changed our Lives Forever
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"They'll stop. We're in the United States where people follow traffic laws and we have the right of way."

Those were my (Rachel's) exact thoughts as I saw headlights coming fast toward us as we drove through a sleepy fishing village in Alaska. We'd previously spent five months living in India where driving was a hazardous activity. 

But in the U.S., people follow the rules. So we don't need to worry.

I was wrong. The car, driven by a teenager (we later discovered) came careening down a long, private driveway and didn't even brake before t-boning us right at the gas tank.

It threw our minivan into a ditch, and as soon as we stopped moving I turned around to comfort my small children (five children under the age of 7).

I could hear my six-week-old baby screaming but I couldn't find him! He wasn't in his car seat!

My husband opened his door to go into EMT mode only to see our three-year-old daughter lying on the grass. His heart stopped.

Listen now to this powerful episode about our 'terrible night of miracles' with potent lessons about what really matters in life.

It's easier to be grateful when you just go through a reality check.  

Hopefully, everyone doesn't have to go through such a life-altering tragedy but what you intellectually and emotionally take away from those experiences change your life forever. 

When bothered by the little things simply imagine how you would feel if one day you lost them.  It changes your perspective. 

Listen to this episode now to learn powerful lessons from this terrible night.

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