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#31 The Path to Personal Peak Potential, Part 1

April 27, 2019

#31 The Path to Personal Peak Potential, Part 1
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What is the purpose of life? To pursue your potential in every area of your life.

Maslow's Hierarchy of need:  Different steps you need to have in order for you to eventually be in a successful state to reach your potential. 

  1. Physiological Needs like food, water, shelter, clothes and sleep. Most of us pass this one off immediately, but look closer...
  • Food: What quality of food are you putting into your body?  Is it junk food? Eating unhealthy food prevents you from having more energy.  It slows you down, you get out of shape and it simply is terrible for you! Eating healthy food where you know whats in it, will help you get into shape, get energy, feel powerful and confident.
  • Sleep: How much sleep are you getting? As parents of young kids or students, it is common to have nights where we don't get much.  Nonetheless, even with a rough night you can still get up and have energy to get things done.  When you are able to lay day and get some rest, have it be quality sleep.  Put ear plugs in, get a warm blanket and have your surrounding be dark.  
  • Shelter: Is your home, office, bedroom or wherever you are most of the time, inspiring to you?  Is it clean and free from clutter?  Do you have good pictures and quotes on the wall? as Henry David Thoreau says "Our possessions possess us."  So what do we choose to own?
  • Clothing: Do your clothes make you feel sloppy?  Have clothes that help you feel successful and confident about yourself.  A sloppy outfit brings sloppy behavior.  Dress to impress every day.  Do you maybe have too many clothes?  Donate some, get clothes that help you accomplish what have come to get done!

This is only the first level of five! Each of these is a foundation that helps you level up, to build and make something more of yourself that just living and breathing!

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