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#33 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 3

May 10, 2019

#33 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 3
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What things are we doing that are completely unnecessary and robbing us of life? Do we get upset too easily? Too much screen time? Keeping up with the Jones? Are we prioritizing the wrong things?

Here we are at the third tier of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs: Love and Belonging.  This includes Friendship, intimacy, family and sense of connection. 

>>In order to thrive, we have to love and be loved.  Don't put up walls, you have to be a little vulnerable.  Don't let the fear of loosing a connection keep you at a distance from everyone.  Learn and grow, don't let it stunt you. 

You can reach a new level of relationship you didn't even know was out there. Understand that there are new levels to reach that maybe you have never had or seen before that are wonderful. The limit of your current skill set doesn't mean that 'thats just the way things are.'  Thankfully there are better things to come that we don't know about yet - but we are the only ones who can get that for ourselves.

>> You can tell what a real friend is by how they love you and try to help even when it is you that's failed.  You would do the same for them. 

Going deeper then friendships there is marriage.  You open up to your spouse more than anyone. You get to know each other and build your amazing marriage together. 

>>The science experiment with the fleas.  Fleas can jump 200 times their height.  To see what happened, they put a couple dozen fleas in a little jar with a lid. The fleas jumped and hit the top.  Later when the jumped they could stop without hitting the top.  After they were taken out of the jar, the sky was the limit again.   They could only jump as high as that lid prevented them even when they were out of the confined space.  The lesson is that even the offspring could only jump as high as the parents. 

  • What are the low limits we set for ourselves?  When we reach the end of our skill set and say 'thats all I can do.' We can pass that onto our kids when we don't even notice it. Where do we put artificial ceilings?

Challenge:  What can you do to strengthen your marriage or friendship with someone this week? 

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