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#34 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 4

May 20, 2019

#34 The Path to Personal Peak Potential part 4
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Esteem: Respect, Status, Recognition, Strength and Freedom.

Strength: That's Real strength comes from within - but includes physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc.  Are you doing things that strengthen you or weaken you in your everyday life?  When you say you are getting up at 6AM and then the first thing you do when you wake up is press the snooze button.  Don't break your commitments to yourself.

Freedom: Being in a free country doesn't do you any good if you are a slave to yourself, your vices and your weaknesses.  How many problems are self inflicted? 

  • The biggest thing you can do to take away your own freedom is becoming captured by addictions.  Can't get off the screen (Instagram, Facebook, video games) pornography, drug abuse - the list goes on.  What are things in your life that limit you from spending time on making yourself better?  When you have an addiction, don't give up.  Look at Maslow's triangle and get those bottom tiers back in order.  Make different habits and seek help to break those addictions.
  • Remember, Prevention is the best protection.  If you already hang around good friends who don't encourage you to do things that hurt you or prevent you from becoming better, you are already avoiding bad habits. 

Recognition and Status:  This doesn't have anything to do with ego.  This is gaining respect from others by doing good things and helping them.  Or even if they see you changing to become better, that inspires them. 

  • Real recognition that isn't artificial, doesn't come from stuff.  Your nice car may get you some recognition but it's not admiration for who you are, it's for your stuff.

Respect:  When you don't take care of yourself or your belongings, it shows a lack of respect.  It is impossible to have a healthy intimate relationship with anyone if you do not respect yourself or others.  

  • If you don't even respect yourself, then level up! Set standards for yourself and follow through.  Though your self worth is not connected to your goals or your failures.
  • Influence is never automatic, it's earned.  When we become a parent we expect our kids to respect us, but really we need to show them what a good person to respect looks like.  

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