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#4 Turning on your energy

January 25, 2019

#4 Turning on your energy
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 There is nothing holding you back but you. Give yourself permission and do it!  Maybe one of the reasons that is keeping you is your energy levels.  It's hard to keep going sometimes, life gets busy.   Every thought, every emotion and every action comes with an energy consequence.  Like in The Power of Full Engagement, there are energy bursts that are possible to access all the time but, you have to keep them healthy.  

They are:

  1. Mental - Keep setting goals, have self restraint to keep yourself healthy. 
  2. Physical- You have to exercise often! Keep your body in shape, find a good workout outlet. 
  3. Emotional - Forgive.  When you have emotional baggage, it can suck the energy out of everyday.  Sometimes you have to let go.
  4. Spiritual - Align your actions with your values. 

 Challenge: What is something you can do in each category to keep yourself healthy in order to have good energy? Write down your goals. 

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