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#42 Why You Are Struggling and What You HAVE TO Do About It

July 20, 2019

#42 Why You Are Struggling and What You HAVE TO Do About It
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Many developing countries struggle with corrupt infrastructure. No clean water, electricity is a hit and miss, a garbage or sewage system is needed and an internet connection can be even harder to access. One rainstorm and the power is out for weeks.
Now let's apply this on a smaller level... How is our own Infrastructure? What are we missing?
Some of us are like developing countries, we are missing a few systems. Some light rain on our day and the rest of our afternoon is spoiled because of our bad attitude.
A good question to ask yourself is ' What is the point of me living in a developed country when I am underdeveloped?'
What are we doing to develop ourselves? To become more efficient? There are areas in our lives we can all work on, what are some big key attributes or emotions we need to work on?
Here are some resources to help you develop yourself:
Creating the Life You WANT to Live G.O.A.L. -- Get Out And Live!
Bibliotherapy: The #1 Habit of Uber-Successful People How to Totally Transform Your Life Before Breakfast

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