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#6 Life Lessons From Really Bad Decisions

January 29, 2019

#6 Life Lessons From Really Bad Decisions
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 What are your dreams if you had no limits? What are those limits and how can you get them out of the way?  Then there is the hard question, how many of our obstacles are there because we put them there?  When we do stupid things we get the consequences.  We can choose our choices but not our consequences.

The chief case of unhappiness in life is giving up what we really desire for what we want in the moment.  Keep your goals close always so you never lose sight of what you really desire.  Look at yourself in the mirror and say: "Self - you are better than that!! Don't eat junk food you want to be healthy.  Don't surround yourself with those kind of people who make you act like that.  Keep your thoughts positive your are capable of great things!" Don't let the stupid mistakes define you, let them refine you. 

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