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 The goal is to share my story to help inspire you, everyone, to get out and live! 

This story starts off in a broken home and eventually out of the house at sixteen.  The turning point was on the cold, dark night of Christmas Eve.  When out alone, with no one to turn to, the love of God was found. From that moment he decided that he would never be in this situation again.  He would change and life would be whatever he decided to make it.  No more blaming, no more excuses. 

 When you blame and make excuses, you hand in your own power.  You say you are feeling or doing something because someone else is making you.   The choice is yours, if you don't like something, change it, your life is your responsibility.  Things to get out of the mediocrity: 

1) Do hard things

2) Face your fears

3)Work on weaknesses

Challenge: From here on out, take control of your own life and don't blame others or make excuses. Life will be what you make it.  

Resources to help you get where you need to be!

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